Class Rings 
 Option File Description Type Size
 High School Class Ring Brochure 2017    [pdf]  28.4 Mb 
 High School Class Ring Price List 2017    [pdf]  889 Kb 
 High School Class Ring Order Form 2017    [pdf]  1.58 Mb 
 High School Class Ring Mascot flyer    [pdf]  1.95 Mb 
Letter Jackets 
 Option File Description Type Size
 Letter Jacket flyer & order form    [pdf]  190 Kb 
 Letter Jacket flyer (patches)    [pdf]  6.03 Mb 
Graduation & Announcements 
 Option File Description Type Size
 High School Graduation/Announcement Brochure Class of 2017    [pdf]  11.4 Mb 
 High School Graduation Product Sizing Chart    [pdf]  53 Kb 
 High School Graduation Photo Products Class of 2017    [pdf]  2.26 Mb 
 High School Graduation/Announcement Order Form Class of 2017    [pdf]  578 Kb 
Information of interest to Class Sponsors.. 
 Option File Description Type Size
 Achievement Award Catalogue    [pdf]  1.84 Mb 
 Cap, Gown and Accessories    [pdf]  3.84 Mb 
 Greenweaver Cap and Gown    [pdf]  1.7 Mb 
 Diplomas and Covers    [pdf]  2.16 Mb 
 Stock Certificates and Seals    [pdf]  1.85 Mb